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Our policy

Just Be You School Age Program (JBU) will offer care in a safe, healthy, developmentally appropriate environment for enrolled school aged children, aged 4-11. JBU will provide quality before and after school care for children throughout the school year and during school breaks/vacations.  

Family Guidance

We are partnered with the Alabama Family Guidance Center.  Financial assistance is available to help parents pay for child care.  The funds, which are a combination of federal and state funds, are locally administered through Family Guidance Center and other Child Care Management Programs. Each family chooses the type of child care arrangement they feel is best for their child.  We can assist with completing a subsidy application form along with the required documents on the checklist.

The JBU program provides developmentally appropriate activities for children. Children are provided time to choose their own activities and work independently in learning centers. Caregivers serve as facilitators to enhance the children’s choices, as well as facilitate homework. JBU must adhere to all State of Alabama regulations, guidelines, policies, procedures and operating instructions. These guidelines are available for your review at the front desk of JBU.  JBU extends a hand of communication to discuss any questions or concerns via telephone or video conferencing.


  • JBU’s goal is to give parents the opportunity to be gainfully employed and/or attend school, while providing a safe and pleasant environment with age appropriate structured activities, free interaction and positive experiences for each child, and to give each child the opportunity to participate to his/her potential. 

  • JBU personnel will provide a variety of activities developmentally appropriate for each child. All activity plans are reviewed and approved by JBU’s Training and Curriculum Specialist prior to implementation.

  • JBU personnel are mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect. Any suspicion of child abuse is reported verbally and in writing to the State of Alabama Department of Human Services through proper channels within 24 hours. JBU personnel suspected of abuse are removed from duty until investigations are complete and a determination is made regarding the individual’s suitability to return to work.

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