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Open M-F from 7am to 6pm, JBU is a school-aged facility and program that provides before and after-school care for children aged 4-11. We offer a high-quality alternative to center-based care. Care is provided in a safe, healthy, nurturing environment that promotes children's academic and social development.

JBU is a licensed, insured, and Alabama-certified program that provides a home-away-from-home for children in families with busy schedules. JBU plans activities for children and families that supplement home time, which seeks to fill the gap between school and home on busy days and nights.

At JBU, parents will find a balance of active play and quiet activities, as well as outdoor play. Activities and experiences that support learning such as arts/crafts, homework stations, tutoring, supervised outdoor activities, table/floor games, and life skills will be offered.

Child Safety


JBU will make every effort to ensure our facility is clean and sanitized to protect against infectious viruses and diseases such as COVID-19.  Staff and children will be trained to adhere to proper cleaning and hand-washing routines to the utmost extent possible. Additionally, JBU has established the following precautions to help ensure your child’s safety:

  • No child will ever be left alone or unsupervised

  • Emergency exit plans are posted in each room

  • Monthly fire drills are held, during which staff members lead children to the nearest fire exit and take attendance

  • Tornado drills are held in season

  • During times of emergency, all staff will remain at JBU until the danger has passed

  • Staff members have immediate access to a telephone in case of an emergency

  • Each staff member is familiar with emergency evacuation plans for weather and fire alerts.  Procedures for these
    events are posted in the class room.

  • All staff are certified in CPR and First Aid

  • Each child participant enrolled at JBU must agree to and sign a liability waiver.

Teacher with Pupils


Before & After Care

We offer before and after-school care for ages 4-11, daily during the school year.

Winter/Spring Break

We offer full-time Winter and Spring Break programming Monday through Friday of the school break.

Holiday Care

We offer full-time care on Federally-recognized Holidays and teacher workdays.

Virtual Learning Care

All day, supervised care for your online/virtual learning student.​ We assist ensuring your child is on pace and on task.

Summer Break

Our full-time Summer Program includes opportunities for youth to participate in extra-curricular activities.

5-Day Pass

Parents have the option for 5-Day drop-in pre-paid passes. Once all 5 days are
used, a new pass must be purchased.

​Our Staff

Staff undergo extensive background checks and are trained and certified to care for your children. Staff members are trained to work with youth of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds, and relish the fact that they are mentors and role models for life skills of all children.

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